“Zaferoglu Insaat” scored another success.

Several days ago “Zaferoğlu İnşaat”, one of the leading companies in construction and design sector, scored another success on behalf of our country in New-York. According to information of trend given by Company, “Zaferoğlu İnşaat” participating in International Quality Summit in USA was awarded with international prize on nomination of Repair and Design. Recall that the company started to fight for other international prize nominated by over 40 countries on 50 sector last year. Personnel hosted representatives of international body in Baku many times got a chance to participate in competition in 2012 summer months and on November of the same year it was awarded International Quality Crown in Great Britain, London. Generally, Company which operates individually since 2003 joined officially under name of “Zaferoğlu İnşaat”  in 2010. As a brand of “Zaferoğlu İnşaat” the Company is among first and leading companies of the market in repair and construction sector and got international certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards on making of interior, exterior snd landscape design projects of residential and non-residential objects.