How should a children’s room be?

Children, who grant us smile and joy, need care and love themselves . Everything necessary for their healthy and cheerful growth should be considered properly. Children’s rooms should be comfortable because they have their own space. Properly designed children’s room provides the child with comfortable sleep, rest, enjoying the room, playing games and studyingwell.

What should you pay attention while designing a chilrend’s room? How to choose thecolors? How to choose furniture? How to protect your child’s safety?


For baby girls pink color tones and for baby boys blue or pistachio green color can make the room lively. It is not advisable to use dark colours. Because colours have effect on children. Don’t use tones of the same colours or too much colours,the child can feel tired in such a room.Leave the choice to your child after he grows up a little.


It must be ergonomic and meet the standards. The room should not be full with furniture, it should be little. The bookshelf, the wardrobe must be located near the table or on the above shelves, it should be a bedroom where the child feels relaxed. Be sure that the furniture does not have cutting edge. Choose bed in medium hardness because a very hard bed will badly affect the development of the child’s muscles. It is advisable to have a smaller jambeauon the side of the bed to prevent the child from falling.


Insert the electrical conductors out of the child’s reach, in case it is below cover it with safety valve. The windows must be equipped with an iron grille. Put the items, which the child can climb on, away from the window. Don’t hang heavy thing over the child’s bed. Do not put extra pillows, blankets on the bed, baby can get out of breath.

Floor and carpet:

Think about the safety of the material. The floor should be ecologically harmless and must be cleaned easily. The carpet protects the child fromheat, absorbs dust and micro-organisms. If the child causes allergies, place another floor that is easy to wash and shake.


It must be natural light. If the child works with his right hand, the light should fallon the left and that will stop shadow. While studyingat desktop lighting, the light can fallslightly behind. Lighting from the floor can also be preferred. It should be a night lamp because children can be afraid of the darkness. But it is important to note that while planning a room, it is important to consider the dreams of children.


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