New system in repair – PHOTO

Repair is adifficult process which everyone experiences at least once in life. Finding designs for the apartments, searching for a professional worker, repairing materials used in design, and so on is a major problem.

To simplify the repair process, Zaferoglu Inshaat specialists conduct repair with new system. Repairs of apartments with this system will give everyone pleasure. The company realizes repair instages. Showroom has been created for this purpose and all stages are taken place here.

An architect is sent home. After completing the full size of the house, an appropriate plan is being prepared and work starts. At Showroom, our designers will assist you in choosing styles by giving advice. After designwork completes, the repair process begins. You will no longer have to go to the store-shop and look for repair and construction materials and accessories. Because material selection will take place ar Showroom too. In addition, you will be provided free of charge by the master’s tips, master controls and also delivery of the materials to your address during your maintenance. The choice of furniture and curtains will also be realized at the company’s showroom. The professional speciealists will also help you choose the design and materials of furniture. You can choose curtains used in designfrom the cartels.