How should be the living room?

Living room

The living room has many different functions, but one thing is certain that the whole family’s mood depends on the comfort of this room. Soft furniture sets is very important in the living room. This furniture should be comfortable and fit the size of the room. Big and soft wide furniture looks nice in large rooms. But this kind of furniture can make a small living room look smaller and narrower. The fireplace gives a special comfortable view to the room. If you can not afford to fix a real fireplace, then you can use artificial fireplace. Modern electric fireplaces have various types, they are safe, aesthetic and simple. Besides decorative functions, they also have function of heating. Fireplace attracts attention immediately. It turns into the center of the composition and groups the remaining things around it. Home cinema can have the same role in modern homes.

If the living room is used both as a resting and dining room, it can be made dual-floor there, for example, on the podium there may be a relaxing zone (sofa, several armchairs and magazine tables), and downstairs, chairs and buffet. You can also have a study room here. You can use book rack store the height of which should be equal to half height of the room and will be like a wall between work zone and relaxing zone. Special attention should be paid to the color gamma, it should be better to use exact colors: white and black, pure red. You should choose hot colours for your living room: green, dark red, and all shades of oak, yellow and orange. It is not recommended to install blinds in the living room. Curtains should not be too thick. A natural carpet is considerable for colour of living room.

Several types of lamps can be used to light the living room optimally. Use ceiling or wall lamps, also torches and table in the places you spend more time. Drawings on walls, vases, ceramic figures and so on make your living room look more comfortable. The paintings shouldn’t be hung below the height of the man, and it is nice to illuminate the most interesting accessories. While choosing decorative elements for the living room, you should take into consideration the style of the room. Do not fill the interior with accessories, or else room might looks like a museum.



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