How to choose wallpaper?

The comfort of the room begins with wallpaper. In most cases, this important detail is forgotten. As a result, the necessary design is not taken. Do not get disappointed! We will help you with this. First of all, pay attention to the quality when you choose wallpaper! It is important to know the thickness and composition of the product as well as its appearance. Only qualitative wallpaper can give you the desired comfort. The most durable wall is vinyl. They have a 10 year warranty. Such wallpapers are mostly suitable for kitchens and corridors. Because it has resistance to sun and can be washed easily.

When selecting a wall paper, it is important to pay attention to its environmental cleanness. Especially in children’s rooms. If you want to ensure the psychological comfort of your babies, choose colorful colors, mostly yellow and orange.

Though wallpapers is not as enduring as vinyl wallpapers, they are air-permeable. The expiration date is 5 years.

It is advisable to choose suitable wallpaper for each room. Rooms and colors can not be chosen at random. For example, bedroom represents relaxing and resting room, kitchen a cooking place and a living room where the whole family and close friends come together. In short, each room or area has its function, and the color you choose for these places must also match this function. 

Light colors supply room with light. The dark colors are more effective for rooms with white furniture in it.