Neoclassic style is the ideal aesthetic in the interior with all its subtlety. Neoclassical style is a simple version of the classic style. Sand, pearls, milk, pale pink, gray, beige and other calm shades are usually used in this style. The colorful colors areaway from this style. But sometimes the turquoise color completes any interiorsin the neoclassic style.To make interior design in this style the walls should be tall. Whlie placing the furniture, symmetry should be taken into consideration as it is done in classical style.

In neoclassical style you should follow these rules. Designers use simple geometric shapes, lamps, bras and decor when creating a neoclassical design. That assists to complete the design. In neoclassic style modeling on walls and ceilings are used widely as it is in the classic style. The diference between them is that modeling in neoclassic style is not painted in golden colour.