Modern style  became the first step on the way of modern functionality and simplicity. The style was an embodiment of technical advance. It was used smooth, elastic and curve lines by artists.  For the first time Belgian architect Victor Orta   used elements of this style in his design conception. It was applied metal, glass, as well as non-standard forms and lines to his architecturial work. Development of this style began in 1988, but it ended with beginning of the First World War.  Moderns tyle is included image of luxury, difficulty of baroque and apire, abundence of gold water, big adornment, non-standart, bright factures and specific decor. This style which is very free, but small enough will create tender and functional area in your apartment. Also, modern style stresses bright personality of the holder. Professional designers separates modern style two type- classic and contemporary modern style. Today classic modern is linked to architectural forms, but modern version of it is applied for interior design. It should be noted that this style  is quite conventional, because it brings together characters of each style in important form. Designers use east motives in its modern interpretation. Currently, Modern style lives its new creation. The style is excellent choice for development of apartment and suburban houses with unusual forms, modern materials.Also, modern style is included using of different materials subject to filli empty, open, the widest area.  Color palette of this style id different enough: may be shades of liliac, golden, green colors, light-gray aristocratic colors. Everything depends on choicing of material and features of the place. Most importantly, the colors shouldn’t very bright. Main purpose is to create comfortableness inside. Modern style in interior is tender conformity, simplicity and lightness, this is framed tender modernity of imagination. Most importantly, this is comfortable atmosphere in your house!