Marble is one of the most materials used in construction and repair. It is made of processing of  rocks. Different textures on it gives special apperance. Existing in different colors increases choice opportunities. Upon polishing it earns brightness. It is solid.  It is used largely in both interior and exterior. It doesnt’loss its naturality in both external and internal repair and constructions. It is used on floor, columns, design of stairs, seating parts of the window in interior. As an element of decor marble is used in kitchen furniture, as well as house accessories. Marble that isvery good mask material is used on the floor with solution constituted of cement and sand. In modern times thanks to highly developed   technologies  artificial marble is made along with natural marble in developed sector of the world. Artificial marbles can be in different colors, texture and size. Both artificial and natural marble are used in installation of kitchen furniture.  If taking into account of most of the works to be fulfilled in kitchen work area shoild be chosen more durable and comfortable cleaning materials. Natural marble that is both antibacterial and durable  is considered an ideal choice  for your kitchens. But due to living material natural marble is very sensitive against stain.  That’swhy it should be followed more attentively to cleaning rules. In kitchen it is used from marble as floor material. Usually, areas in which furniture is installed are covered with marble. After preparation of hot floor system it is installed.  Marble material can be used in bathroom. If you want enjoy, beauriful and clean in terms of hygienic, your should choose marble. After fulfillment of technical works and application of isolation process marble material is laid down. Recently, artificial marbles from light material manufactured different companies in repair are preferred. Because this material is more cheaper and also is practical. Its installation, cleaning are comfortable and tortureless. In interior the marble is used largely entrance part of houses. According to design style of the house it is possible to apply different works on marble. Marbles are usually used in design works in classic style. Marble material is also used largely in preparation of interior of public buildings. Due to durability, steadiness, using of it in such places is more advisable. It can be used marble material in your sitting room. As any decor element, for example, it can be used marble during installation of stairs and columns. Marble is used in accesories elments.  Fulfillment of this work at high level requires special attention and enjoyment from designer. Such application of marble is the most vogue in recent years. It is used in facing marble facade, adornment of outside stairs in exterior.  Marble can be most ideal material in designing of park, bridges. As being more expensive and rare material it needs to be more attentive  in using of marble. Of course, if you entrust your work to professionals,  there is no reason for concern. Our company offers application of marble materials in exterior and interior with large and acording choice opportunities. Our professional masters and blissful designers are always ready to present confortableness and beauty. If you wish beautiful and comfortable place, contact with us.