From what to start apartment repair?

First of all, it is necessary to start it from apartment design. There are important factors while designing the apartment whichyou mustpay attention. Before making decision how to design your home, firstly  youneed to know types of designs andwwhich of them them is mmoresuitable for you. We would like to present you the 5designstyleswhich most commonly used in Azerbaijan.


Moderns tyle is included image of luxury, difficulty of baroque and apire, abundence of gold water, big adornment, non-standart, bright factures and specific decor. This style which is very free, but small enough will create tender and functional area in your apartment. Also, modern style stresses bright personality of the holder. Professional designers separates modern style two type- classic and contemporary modern style. Today classic modern is linked to architectural forms, but modern version of it is applied for interior design. It should be noted that this style  is quite conventional, because it brings together characters of each style in important form. Designers use east motives in its modern interpretation. Currently, Modern style lives its new creation. The style is excellent choice for development of apartment and suburban houses with unusual forms, modern materials.Also, modern style is included using of different materials subject to filli empty, open, the widest area.  Color palette of this style id different enough: may be shades of liliac, golden, green colors, light-gray aristocratic colors. Everything depends on choicing of material and features of the place. Most importantly, the colors shouldn’t very bright. Main purpose is to create comfortableness inside. Modern style in interior is tender conformity, simplicity and lightness, this is framed tender modernity of imagination. Most importantly, this is comfortable atmosphere in your house!


Avant-garde style is considered opposite style of Classicism style decisively. Interior performed in avant-garde style will be enjoyed by the creative people having unusual thoughts and original tastes, as well as the people who don’t have any dependence- loving freedom.  The most important factor is the choice of color in the avant-garde style. It is used mixture of incongruous paints in this style. First of all, it should be felt soft touch between brightness and vulgarity. There is no infancy in this style. Use of wallpaper is an exception in the interior of avant-garde style. One of the walls can be painted in black color and opposite wall can be painted in white color.  If there is black armchair beside white wall, effect of contrast will become much stronger.  But it can be done open shade on black wall. Generally, each of 4 walls can be painted in different color. Furniture reflects unique elements like other details of avant-garde style. That’s why there is no need special place for sofa and chair set. This is very vulgar style for avant-garde. Dark furniture is more suitable for bright walls. On the whole, it is possible any form and decisions here and this doesn’t belong to only furniture. It may be joined various unusual materials. It is possible to make unusual, interesting composition from colorful metal or glass. As a result, it will create indispensable art work.


Distinctive feature of this style is the one hundred metered, not divided with partition spaces and windows along the walls. Pipes not placed in the walls,ventilation boxes, rough bricks, rusted coveredlogs. In loft style it is usually used cold color shades (metallic, blue etc.). The main feature of this color shades is that only one of the four walls in the space is completely different, and the other 3 remain in the same color, for example, three spacs can be buikt from bricks and the wall can be painted with metallic plaster. Loftstyle in the interior requires large windows without curtuns to have much light in the apartment. Board floor being open to reconstructionand coated with light glossylacquer, lightenedeccentricly colored carpet. The roof should be as white as the snow to make the ceiling look very light and wide. Furniture is mainly made of metal or in metallic colors, wooden furniture in light and dark colors can also be used. The furniture is usually functional and ordinary, and it also has the function of partition. Chairs can be large, like sofa. This style is more commonly used in fast food restaurants.


Neoclassic style is the ideal aesthetic in the interior with all its subtlety. Neoclassical style is a simple version of the classic style. Sand, pearls, milk, pale pink, gray, beige and other calm shades are usually used in this style. The colorful colors areaway from this style. But sometimes the turquoise color completes any interiorsin the neoclassic style.To make interior design in this stylethewallsshouldbetall. Whlie placing the furniture, symmetry should be taken into consideration as it is done in classical style.In neoclassical style you should follow these rules. Designers use simple geometric shapes, lamps, bras and decor when creating a neoclassical design. Thatassists to complete the design. In neoclassic style modeling on walls and ceilings are used widely as it is in the classic style. The diference between them is that modeling in neoclassic style is not painted in golden colour.


This style is the style of quiet, protective persons with high social status.  It is used noble tones in the units, the context is balanced and isn’t loaded to the decor. It is possible to see gaps  in funtional zones in the interior of classicism style. Serious simmetrics covered surroudings is shown. Many notable accessories is not used. The sense of freedom- is the important nuance of the style, so the ceiling lower than 3 m is seen rarely. Main attributes of Classicism style are arca, fireplace, stencil in antique style,  rare wall paintings, it is used from curtains from qualitive materials, gilded plafon in rich mass, as well as candle. Traditionally it is set up mirror framed bronze pattern extended visual  apperance in the rooms. Furniture is made of natural tree by hand; Rel fine art is created due to decoration with gold, precious stones and ornaments Furniture in interior is bought for a long time and usually is hereditary transmitted. Although it is prefereed to richness in preparation of the style, it can be found  open-clear  straight lines in classicism style.The seen simple, but serious. It is used texture wallpapers and decorative plaster for walls. Important materials are decorative stones, metals and silk. It is used valuable materials on the floor.  It is paid attention to steadiness of frames of door and windows. It is important to matching to prestige of the style. Color tones of the style are white furniture and golden and pastel tones combined with the color of the wall. In order to liberate brain fatigue, these colors are used in more larger areas. Generally, Classicims style creates comfortable atmosphere for resting.

After receiving in formation about styles, now you can make your own choice. When choosing style, you need to define the function of the room or apartment and determine who will live in the apartment. It is advisable to choose styles based on the size of the room. Then the cost (estimate) of the repair of the apartment should be prepared, iehow much money will be spent onestimateon exactly: consumer and coating materials, tools, transport, wages of workers, transportation of trash and other unexpected expenses (10% of repairs can be paid). After that, sanitary engineering, fixing piles, electric lines, lining, coating, plastering, floor and ceiling painting, coveringtiles on the in the bathroom, sticking wall papers, varnishing parquet floor.