Classicism is the European style of XVII and XVIII-XIX century. It was intended to construct the palaces with antique attributes. The term of  Classicism means in the translation from Latin classicus-norm, regulated.   This style is the style of quiet, protective persons with high social status.  It is used noble tones in the units, the context is balanced and isn’t loaded to the decor. It is possible to see gaps  in funtional zones in the interior of classicism style. Serious simmetrics covered surroudings is shown. Many notable accessories is not used. The sense of freedom- is the important nuance of the style, so the ceiling lower than 3 m is seen rarely. Main attributes of Classicism style are arca, fireplace, stencil in antique style,  rare wall paintings, it is used from curtains from qualitive materials, gilded plafon in rich mass, as well as candle. Traditionally it is set up mirror framed bronze pattern extended visual  apperance in the rooms. Furniture is made of natural tree by hand; Rel fine art is created due to decoration with gold, precious stones and ornaments Furniture in interior is bought for a long time and usually is hereditary transmitted. Although it is prefereed to richness in preparation of the style, it can be found  open-clear  straight lines in classicism style.The seen simple, but serious. It is used texture wallpapers and decorative plaster for walls. Important materials are decorative stones, metals and silk. It is used valuable materials on the floor.  It is paid attention to steadiness of frames of door and windows. It is important to matching to prestige of the style. Color tones of the style are white furniture and golden and pastel tones combined with the color of the wall. In order to liberate brain fatigue, these colors are used in more larger areas. Generally, Classicims style creates comfortable atmosphere for resting.