Minimalism in the interior

If you decided to have your home repaired, you should choose style of interior design. Style choice of the house is very important because it should be both cosy and comfortable for you. If you decided to choose a minimalism style, this information may be helpful for you. Minimalism (minimus means little) – a design style that reflects simplicity and accuracy. Minimalist style refuses the classic and traditional artistic creativity, using industrial and natural materials, geometric shapes and neutral colors (black, gray). Functionality and constructivism is the root of this style. This design brings home peace, tranquility and comfort. It can be a great place for ideas and thoughts. It is especially suitable for those who do yoga. It is advisable to use minimalism in larger homes. It is typical to create effect of no windows by making big windows that cover the whole wall for this style. As its name suggests, the minimum amount of furniture is used at home. One should chose minimal colours for this style. More than three colours can be used.

Main features of minimalism style:

-Large: less furniture and accessories.

– Natural and artificial lighting.

– The choice of light colours, white color should be used more, gray and black is needed to make certain accents.

– Natural materials should be used: bricks, concrete, wood or plaster.

– Simple shapes and lines, decoration on windows and walls should not be used in fact.

Use geometry figures: circle, rectangle, straight line, and fine curve.

– Tall windows

If you have your home repaired in minimalism style, you will live in a sense of freedom, cosy and comfort.