In many cases, interiors designers have a good knowledge of colors, they know category of colors, how to fit the colours, especially, their psychological effects on people, which colours to use to get different results.

Primarily, there are three primary colors in the world of colors – yellow, red and blue. When we mix the primary colors, we get secondary colors (yellow and blue makes green, yellow and red makes orange). When we mix secondary colors with primary colors, we get the complementary colors. Colors have effect on people in different ways. It is called colour psychology. Some colors make us feel excited, some calm us down, some make us feel safe, some make us feel depressed, annoyed us and soon begin to irritate us. When we choose the color for our home, we should be attentive by taking all these into consideration. Here are three tips of us that can help you choose colors for your home:

  1. Appreciate each room separately. Choose the colour according to the period you are going to spend in that room, time of day that you are going to spend there and atmosphere you want to have in that room.
  2. Make your choice according to the position of the room taking into consideration of sunlight falling time.
  3. Take into consideration the area of the room. Accordingly, make your choice between light and dark colors. The lihgt colors show your room bigger and the dark colours smaller than it is.


People have different approach to colours and colours don’t have same effects on people. We would like to share most chosen and commonly appreciated effects for you.


With blue color, you can create a clear and calm image. In the interior design, the blue color is usually used to create an atmosphere of work and meditation. The blue color has been proved in medicine that blue colour lowers heartbeats and calms a person down. If your home is too much sunny, you can use light shades of blue to calm it down. If it is used in the kitchen it is said that it helps to lose weight, lowering appetite.


Green color also has a calming effect. Right selected green color relaxes your eyes and gives your room natural look creating more relaxing atmosphere. As the green color is one of the main colors of nature, it can give your room a clear atmosphere.


With coffee colour you can make your room feel natural and comfortable. Brown is commonly used in combination with these colors – black, yellow, gray, green, red, orange and purple (if the right shades are selected). Brown reminds many people of nature and creates a feeling of comfort and security for many people in the subconscious. By adding a small amount of coffee colours to the neutral colors (pastel colors), you can add movement to your design and can create a cosiness image.


The psychological effects of the white color create a clean and relaxing image. White color creates a cool, calm and pure atmosphere. When you use white colour on your walls and furniture will assist to make your room look wider and clearer. Don’t use too much white colour to misuse its psychological effect.


Gray interior makes elegance look serious. The effect of grey color depends on shade you will choose. For example, if you use a grey with a subtone of yellowish and use brown furniture as well, it can create depressive atmosphere. However, right chosen gray color with non-bright white colors, it can give a clean and relaxing look. However, if you use grey colour too much, your room may look bored.


Use the psychological effects to make your home look elegant and courage. If your room has bright and neutral colors, everything in black color will be more noticeable. Therefore, black color is the ideal choice for making certain things more noticeable. Using black colors in your room will give it a serious and formal image. As a result, do not use too much black color, use a picture frame or a small magazine table to highlight things.


You can use the yellow color to give light and optimistic view to your home. The effects of the yellow still depend on their tones. Pale yellow colour on your walls can give a slight sunlight effect to your home, while bright yellow will give dull effect.


You can use your red color to increase energetic level of your room. It is proved medically that red color accelerates heartbeat and blood circulation.  Red color, like orange color, increases the appetite, so it is quite widely used in kitchens. Moreover, a red bed in the right tone can also create an elegant image in your room.


Violet color has been regarded as palace color and symbol of power since ancient times. The psychological effect of violet color can be used to give your home an expensive and luxurious look. The purple color on the red is more attractive, turning into the main color of the room.