Hi-tech style

Hi-tech style has been entered to architect by Norman Foster in 70-80 years of XX century. It is possible to create specific beauty by using materials such as iron, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, in this style. Its difference from otherstyles is that natural material and element that creat comfort in the home is not used in this style. That’s why they use this style to create aesthetic beauty in places with a large area. In other words, this style was first used in more industrial areas, in the non-dwelling areas. But later, as a result of the enyering of certain elements, this style has started to beusedin the dwelling space. It should be noted that subtle behaviors is required with fragile elements which create aesthetic spirit.You should use carefully table and chairs, shelves and chairs made of plastic materials so that not to damage their surface. As hi-tech style can be upgraded by using modern materials according to the fashion, it loved by young generation. Furniture, which has a non-traditional form and maximum functionality, is one of the key attributes of this style. Besides it, the structure of space and the simplicity that applied in location elements influences the aesthetics of the common interior. Though this style, has slightly practical meaning, in terms of industrial design, it eliminates extra things and povides aesthetic beauty by making wide space.