Corridor Design – Tips


The person entering the apartment first enters the corridor. Often, the initial impression of the guest about the inhabitants of the house begins with the corridor.

One of the main roles plays colors of embroidery materials.

It would be good to use light materials in the small and dark corridor, in opposite dark colour suits to wide corridors, for example: dark red and brown colors. To make effect of wide corridor in the small corridor, you need to use cold colors in decoration of walls.

When you choose furniture for the corridor, consider the size of it and select furniture according to it. The corridor shouldn’t be full of furniture, the quantity of furniture should be very little. That must be hallstand, shoe cabinet and mirror, if there is no place for other things, you can put them to another room. The good option can be a mirrored cabinet built on walls. In this case there is no need to place another cabinet or mirror in the corridor. The corridor looks very neat and modern. If your corridor is small, you should better get a big mirror. This will show the corridor visually bigger.


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