The main activities of “Zaferoglu İnshaat” are repair, construction and design (repair and design). Since the beginning of the formation to the present day, company fulfils a large amount of repair, design works in different areas, and thus completing each job with great success passes it to the owners with great satisfaction. A great experience, the latest technologies and professional staff allow the effective and guaranteed completion of the accepted orders. Throughout our business the achieved results have been highly appreciated by the companies already asserted.

Constantly developing company meets the demands of customers not only in the capital, but also in some regions. Also designer works made in good style attract attention, both our fellow citizens, and foreigners. As a result, our company has established a representative office in Moscow and Kiev to establish and maintain a large number of orders abroad.

The company, getting with new fashion to implement the desires of our customers as a result of the developed foreign trade relations provides purchase and import to Azerbaijan of electrical devices, decorative wood fashioning and furniture based on the latest technologies and perfect style. We are responsible for the continuous monitoring during repairs.

Every member of staff – designers, architects, managers of construction works have deep knowledge and extensive experience. Courses and clubs conducted by our company involve workers and representatives of other fields, leading certification for quality improvement. Modern materials and fully automated tools are used for high-quality results. Our designers and engineers were able to collect a huge portfolio of modern styles and types of design. Projects are broadcasted on television and in professional journals.

Over the past three years “Zaferoglu İnshaat” was several times awarded by global business centers, such as London, New York and Dubai in the category of repair and design, as well as on the basis of an improved plan meeting international standards fulfilled dozens of works for public and private enterprises.

Interior, exterior and landscaping of residential and non-residential premises have been prepared and validated according to ISO 9001:2008 of certified company, besides the fact that our company assumes full responsibility for the control of repair, as well as gives a minimum 2-year guarantee for all types of construction.

All projects are designed and implemented in accordance with the technical precision, which sets us apart in the current market. At the same time, as a result of the modelling by our experts, you can view the details of the design of your home or office.

It will be convenient for you to work with us, because we provide an individual approach and high level of service to each customer.

• Individuality of the project,

• Individual development of the agreement for each client,

• Individual payment schedule,

• Special discounts.