Avant-garde. It is artistic-architectural style in avant-garde interior. At the beginning of XX century it formed under influence of the revolutionary mood in society and was one of the styles preferred usually by youth. Avant-garde style is considered opposite style of Classicism style decisively. Interior performed in avant-garde style will be enjoyed by the creative people having unusual thoughts and original tastes, as well as the people who don’t have any dependence- loving freedom.  The most important factor is the choice of color in the avant-garde style. It is used mixture of incongruous paints in this style. First of all, it should be felt soft touch between brightness and vulgarity. There is no infancy in this style. Use of wallpaper is an exception in the interior of avant-garde style. One of the walls can be painted in black color and opposite wall can be painted in white color.  If there is black armchair beside white wall, effect of contrast will become much stronger.  But it can be done open shade on black wall. Generally, each of 4 walls can be painted in different color. Furniture reflects unique elements like other details of avant-garde style. That’s why there is no need special place for sofa and chair set. This is very vulgar style for avant-garde. Dark furniture is more suitable for bright walls. On the whole, it is possible any form and decisions here and this doesn’t belong to only furniture. It may be joined various unusual materials. It is possible to make unusual, interesting composition from colorful metal or glass. As a result, it will create indispensable art work.