Decoration / design trends for 2017

We have made articles of ourforecast on home decoration / design trends for 2017 and present them to you. These trends are elegant, inspiring and, most importantly, do not require the repair of yourepair again.



The green color will be again in fashion. From lime green to emerald color, every tone of green will be selected as one of the main colors in the home decor. If you are not close to the idea of using green color as one of the main colors in your home, it is recommended to add new accessories madefrom emerald glass to your white background or white accessories in your home.


It is not a secret that the trends of the interior world have a close connection with the fashion world, and this year we have seen that leading brands such as Marc Jacobs, Prada, EmanuelUngaro use tropical traces. According to designer Martin Lawrence-Bullard, these trace will continue to be used in wallpaper and designer fabric, in other words, in furniture. If you take into account that such traces are not loved by many people, you can add new cushions  to your ordinary and one-coloured sofa and armchair set in your home.


Textures in the home design, the harmonious use of different fabrics and materials is noticeable. Designer Bullard emphasizes: ” In the updated fashion, we begin to see more and more textures everyday. Textured fabrics, starting from the sofa, to the wallpapers, will hit between the eyeswithplentyoftexture this year”.


Young Huh, one of the promoted among 5 interiors designers of the 2015 by Vogue magazine, emphasises that “everybody’s favourite marbles will contedevelopmake progress in 2017.  We will see this trend in the hall, kitchen and bath designs. It will continue to be chosen by people because it gives a very natural and clean image”.


This year, mostly white, beige, light gray, powdery pink, and other pastel colors will be among the most popular colors.


The most important thing to notice the peculiarity of your home design is the lighting. With different lighting, your dining / living room can have a magnificent view. It is highlyrecommended that you should pay close attention to lighting.Besides your dining / living room, you Besidesinchange your night lamps to new one in your bedroom.


In new year, people will choose classic and ancient furniture more than modern furniture. Furnuture which is decorated with light colours andwork that reminds of palace will be more popular than furnute that have simple and quiet imafe.


Gray was one of the favorite colors of theimafe interiors world, and will be popular color in 2017 too. `We will see differentshades of gray, mostly grey and white colours in combination, alsogrey in dark tones.


2017 is thought to bring a bronze color, which can warm the design. Designers say that bronze color is a classic design that can be adapted to countless decoration style, designers canthis colour in vase, lamp or any accessories in the dining / living room, it also highlights that t caan be used in your kitchen in bowls which are not include meal set.